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Career Marketing Plan (CMP): Selling Yourself: Preferred Job Location

Reviews company and industry resources helpful for writing a career marketing plan or exploring a career of interest.

Cost of Living

   Areavibes highlights the pros ancd cons of a potential job location: weather, commute time, cost of living, male to female ratio, crime index and much more. Scope out a single location or compare two places where you might want to relocate. 

Using the sliders you can weight your decision toward what is important to you. For example, you might set amenities higher than education if you don't plan to have children soon.

More City Comparisons

A Google search for "compare cities" gives lots of promising links. 

Focusing on real estate after covering the basics (cost of living and other statistics) ,    has some fun links. For Bowling Green, OH, for example, it includes the following rankings.

Ranked #10 America’s Manliest Cities
Ranked #11 Best Cities for Teleworking - Small Metro Areas
Ranked #22 America's Migraine Hot Spots 

The CNN site   compares several components of the cost of living ( housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, and healthcare) to help you judge how far your salary will go. It only covers bigger cities. So moving from Ohio, you couldn't choose Bowling Green or even Toledo for a baseline. Choices are limited to Cleveland, Cincinnati, Findlay and bigger metro areas. What's nice is that, it calculates what salary to bargain for in the potential new location (e.g. Seattle, WA) if you specify a current salary.

   This salary calculator too covers only large metro areas. It quotes a variety of price components including the cost of a few common medications and a T-bone steak along with the cost of items such as washing machine repairs. As well as a dollar figure you'd need to keep pace with what your current salary provides,  it calculates a percent increase necessary to maintain your current standard of living.