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Career Marketing Plan (CMP): Selling Yourself: Market Needs and Position Descriptions

Reviews company and industry resources helpful for writing a career marketing plan or exploring a career of interest.

Comprehensive Career Guides

Chronicle Career Library Online

This database includes occupational information for more than 2,000 jobs. Browsing in alphabetical list of entries may require several tries before you find the occupation you want. Try different terms. Click the following link to see an example: Sail Cutters (pleasure craft boatbuilders)

Contains comprehensive compilations of occupational information, job outlooks, and training and salary information. Keyword search works great!

Personal SWOT

A great place that expalins the process of writing a personal SWOT is at  this  link  Scroll down for questions to consider and for an example of a personal SWOT.

Yourself as Product

Thinking of one's self as a product can be both humbling and empowering. Focusing on what you can do for the company or organization shoud increase your confidence and  should help the interviewer or screener of applications assess how you compare with other job candidates. 

Actual Product   This will be tied to items documented on your resume. Examples are your college degree and major, having served an internship, previous employment experience, skill sets such as mastery of software or technologies, and similar qualifications.

Core Product   This conists of ways that your resume matches what is suggested by the job description as necessary for success in the position being filled. Professors attest that you have an excellent grasp of concepts and practical applications of theories taught in higher-level courses in your major. If you are applying for a managerial position, group assignments have enhanced your understanding of how each person on a team can contribute and of how important communication is to an exemplary product or outcome. If you served as a peer facilitator, you have learned how to organize your work and to convey ideas, expectations, and instructions to others.

Augmented Product     Your study abroad experience has prepared you to understand and adapt to employment in an overseas location where the prospective employer hopes to expand. Your experience as a student assistant in campus IT services has taught you valuable customer service skills as well as giving you an opportunity to apply techincal knowledge of equipment, software, and the process of trouble shooting. These characteristics will let you hit the ground running in an organization whose reputation depends on its customer support staff. Your experience as an officer in a student organization has given you some understanding of planning, setting priorities, and budgeting.