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Reviews company and industry resources helpful for writing a career marketing plan or exploring a career of interest.

Companies in Your NAICS group

No easy way to find companies in a NAICS defined industry; but it can be done. In Business Source Complete, use the advanced search to find articles to skim for named companies.


In Lexis Nexis Academic use advanced search and this strategy. 

On the results screen, click on Company in the left screen limiters to expand links to articles about  named companies.  Use these to find a company profile.


 Or select a company profile and scroll down to the list of competitors in that report. (Hint some will share the same primary  NAICS number but not all.)


Market Segmentation: Identifying Potential Employers

Business students are used to thinking about traditional industries: for example, big box retail stores or manufacturing of heavy equipment. But when it comes to identifying  the  industry sector or subsector for which your degree, skills, and experience qualify you, the process can be less of a research task and more of a think piece. You can look for magazine and journal articles about this kind of job market. But you won't find entries in an industry guide. Below are examples of how you could segment the job market you want to enter:


  • Special libraries (corporate, scientific and technical, medical, or museum settings)
  • Public libraries (city or county supported)
  • School libraries (run by a school system)
  • Academic libraries (funded by colleges or universities)


  • Individual private practice (e.g tax accounting)
  • Group practice or firm with multiple clientsproviding a range of services
  • Government accounting
  • Employed by one organization such as a university or a company

JOB TITLE   An employee such as facilities manager can have different duties and be required to have different qualifications, depending on what the facility is used for.  An example is a stadium or swimming pool or ice arena or multipurpose sports complex.

The job market can be further  subdivided into 1) private facilities operated for for  clubs and private individuals or 2) municipal facilities where professional sports are hosted or 3) a facility attached to a college or university.

Many job responsibilities may overlap but qualifications can differ (for example, experience in managing staff may be required for any of these, whereas a college degree may be required or preferred only in the educational setting).


 This database is the "gold standard" for industry information, 1) providing you are looking into a thriving industry (think apparel and footwear not shoe laces) and 2) providing that companies of interest are traded on the stock market. Each industry report covers the structure of the industry, economic conditions, consumer behavior and other factors that have a big impact on that market sector (e.g. innovation), and each carries standard balance sheet data for industry leaders. Each report also tells how to use such data to identify companies in that industry that are doing well (e.g. what's a healthy amount of debt to carry).

Market Segmentation: Online Industry Information

NOTE: For more comprehensive information about NAICS codes, see the Company and Industry NAICS Code  tab above this screen.

Thee encyclopedias  listed below are searchable by  keyword. If your term shows up in multiple entries, try the one with the biggest numbver of hits. The entry will supply both SIC and NAICS code as shown in this portion of the text entry for the keyword "waste":

Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Management   SIC 9511   This category includes government agencies primarily engaged in regulation, planning, protection, and conservation of air and water resources; solid waste management; water and air pollution control and prevention; flood control; drainage development and consumption of water resources; coordination of these activities at intergovernmental levels; research necessary for air pollution abatement, and control and conservation of water resources. Water systems are classified in SIC 4941: Water Supply. Sewage and refuse systems and other sanitary services are classified in SIC 4950: Sanitary Services. Irrigation systems are classified in SIC 4971: Irrigation Systems.

NAICS CODE(S)   924110 Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Management

     Encyclopedia of American Industries.  Online access via this link. (Current hard copy ed. at the Jerome Library Research & Information desk)  Detailed information on industries, organized by SIC code.

  • Vol. 1 – Manufacturing
  • Vol. 2 – Service and Non-manufacturing

      Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries. Online access via this link. (Current hard copy ed. at the Jerome Library Research & Information desk)


        Encyclopedia of Global Industries.  Online access via the BGSU Catalog record. (Current print copy in Jerome Library Reference.


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