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The Hidden Library: HueTunes


Visit HueTunes live.

More on HueTunes

Evans, Gwen, and Susannah Cleveland. "Moody Blues: The Social Web, Tagging, and Nontextual Discovery Tools for Music." Music Reference Services Quarterly 11, no. 3 & 4 (December 2008): 177 - 201. doi: 10.1080/10588160802541210.

Getting Started

HueTunes opening screen

The user begins by answering a few basic questions for demographic purposes.

Color Selection

HueTunes in action

The user then hears a musical clip and may select the color that (to him or her) best represents the mood of the music.

The End

HueTunes summary

When bored with listening, s/he selects the "Done" button, sees a list of the songs heard, and can compare color selections with other users.