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HIST 4800: Latin America & the US & the World: Internet Sites

Library and Internet resources that should be useful for doing research on the Latin American diplomatic history.

Internet Sites about Latin American Diplomacy

More Internet Sites with Primary Sources

There is a more complete list of Internet sites that include primary sources for areas throughout the globe at:

Internet Sites with Primary Sources for History

Looking for Images and Videos?

You'll find images at some of the sites on this page and some of the governmental organization web sites linked on the Government Information page.  You'll find more information about finding and using images and videos at:

Images: Finding and Using Images for Research and Instruction

Finding Videos


Some Video Sites That Might Be Useful:

United States Government Films (Internet Archive)

Universal Newsreels (Internet Archive) YouTube Channel (U.S. Congressional hearings, 1987-present)

C-SPAN Video Library (U.S. Congressional hearings and other programs, 1987-present)