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BGSU Libraries Catalog Help: Reading History

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Reading History

Patrons may keep a record of the University Library materials that they check out.  (Please read the disclaimer below before opting into this service.)

How to:
1. Log in to your My Library.
2. You will see a button marked "My Reading History".
Click on the "My Reading History" button.
3.To activate My Reading History Click on the "Opt In" button.
4. From this point on when you check out UL owned materials (this service does not work with OhioLINK materials), your checkouts will be recorded and accessible in Your Reading History.
5. If you want to "remove items" from you reading history fill in the mark box, and hit the Delete Marked button. You may also use the delete all button.
6. If you want deactive "My Reading History" hit the Delete All button, and then the Opt Out button.

Disclaimer:  The information that you allow to be collected in your Reading History is not protected by any privacy laws. Although the Jerome Library server uses secure connections into your library account, there is no guarantee that your personal reading history is absolutely secure from other users on the network.
Any records retained by an individual or institution, including your Reading History, could be subpoenaed through the proper legal channels. University Libraries will protect a user’s privacy to the fullest extent possible. However, under the Ohio Public Records Law, library records are not exempt from disclosure.