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BGSU Libraries Catalog Help: Results Ranking

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Ranked Results

Keyword search results are ranked by relevancy. This is intended to bring the best results to the top. Results will appear in up to 5 groups. Each group is ordered by date unless title or relevance is selected from the Sorted By menu.
To deactivate ranked results select: Author, Title, Subject, or Note, from the Any Field drop down menu.

Most Relevant   
The very small number of titles where the primary title contains the search as a phrase (e.g. Values Education).

Highly Relevant 
The search phrase appears in the sub-title (e.g. Matters of Feeling: Values Education Reconsidered).

Very Relevant  
The search phrase is in the contents, series notes, or subject headings (e.g. Politics, Education, and Citizenship which has the phrase "values education" in the table of contents).

The Boolean AND pulls words from the search phrase in the primary title and/or sub-title (e.g. Values, Citizenship, and the Purposes of Higher Education).

Other Relevant
The Boolean AND pulls the words from the search phrase from anywhere in the record (e.g. Place of Science in a World of Values and Facts which has "values" in the title and "education" in one of the subjects).