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MUCT 1920 - Natvig: Finding Scores of Your Songs

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Finding Scores

Finding scores in the catalog is very similar to finding recordings, although you might need to consult the Vocal Music research guide if you have no luck with the techniques below.

Option 1: Title Search

  • Let's look at a search for a specific title, "This Land is Your Land."
  • From the BGSU Libraries Catalog, click on the Title tab. Type: this land is your land (no capitalization is necessary) and click on Submit or press the enter key.
  • Click on Limit/Sort Search.
  • Under Material Type, select Music Score.
  • Click on the Submit button and you will retrieve a list of recordings of "This Land is Your Land."

Option 2:  Subject Search

  • If you want to use the catalog to help you identify potential songs, start with a subject search.
  • Go to the BGSU Libraries Catalog.
  • Select the Subject tab
  • Enter your topic idea, followed by "- songs."   For example, try "nature - songs."  This is a controlled vocabulary field - meaning that we have chosen precise terms to go into this field, so you might need to play with some different terms in that first spot to get good results.
  • Click the Submit button.

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