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MUCT 1920 - Natvig: Finding Recordings of Your Songs

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Finding Recordings

Option 1: Title Search

  • Let's look at a search for a specific title, "This Land is Your Land."
  • From the BGSU Libraries Catalog, click on the Title tab. Type: this land is your land (no capitalization is necessary) and click on Submit or press the enter key.
  • Click on Limit/Sort Search.
  • Under Material Type, select Sound Recording OR scroll down to the SOUND Recording menu and select CD, 33rpm, etc. (do not make a selection under both of these menus).
  • Click on the Submit button and you will retrieve a list of recordings of "This Land is Your Land."

Option 2: Subject Search

  • If you want to use the catalog to help you identify potential songs, start with a subject search.
  • Go to the BGSU Libraries Catalog.
  • Select the Subject tab.
  • Enter your topic idea, followed by "- songs."   For example, try "nature - songs."  This is a controlled vocabulary field - meaning that we have chosen precise terms to go into this field, so you might need to play with some different terms in that first spot to get good results.
  • Click the Submit button.

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