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WS 6820 Feminist Thought in Latin America: Articles

Interdisciplinary Databases of Full-Text Journals

Depending on your topic, you may want to search these databases.  Be careful with JSTOR and Project Muse--both are databases of full-text journals.  When you conduct a keyword search in them, you will search every word in every single journal article in the databases. You may retrieve many irrelevant items. Read the search tips in each for suggestions on ways to search efficiently.

HINT: If you search Summon, you will retrieve items from JSTOR and Project Muse at the same time.

Core Research Databases

Start with these essential databases. These are high-quality, subscription-only databases provided by the University Libraries. If you are using them off-campus, you may need to authenticate with your BGSU username and password.

Interdisciplinary Research Databases