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Trumpet Music Resources: Browsing the Shelves

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Call Numbers for Browsing Scores


M85-89 Solo Trumpet Music
M182-186 Trumpet and Organ
M260-261 Trumpet or Cornet with Piano
M289.4 Duets, Two Brass Instruments
M288-289 Duets, Two Wind Instruments
M290-291 Duets, One Wind and One String Instrument
M296-297 Wind Instruments and Guitar/Harp
M298 Wind Instrument and Percussion
M300s-900s Chamber Music
M1030-1031 Concertos, Trumpet with Orchestra
M1030-1031 Concertos, Trumpet with Orchestra
M1130-1131 Concertos, Trumpet with String Orchestra
M1205-1206 Solo Brass Instrument with Band


Books about Horns and Trumpets

ML933 Brass Instruments, History and Criticism
ML960-963 Trumpet History, Construction and Criticism


Methods, Instruction and Study

MT418 Brass Instruction and Study
MT440-445 Trumpet Instruction, Methods and Studies
MT446 Trumpet Orchestral Excerpts

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