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Bob Dylan: Print Resources

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The following are just a few of the publications available in the BGSU library catalog.

Finding Books

When looking for Bob Dylan books in the BGSU Libraries Catalog, use the following subject term:

  • Dylan, Bob 1941-

For assistance browsing the ML/BSSA's open stacks for books about Bob Dylan look in the following call number range:

  • Bob Dylan: ML420.D98 A3


When looking for books in the BGSU Libraries Catalog, enter your query and limit materials type to books.Don't forget that you can request books from Ohiolink that are not owned by the Jerome Library.

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Print Resources

Many books have been written about Bob Dylan. Most if not all of these are available through the BGSU library catalog. The following are some of the more recent publications.

Books by Bob Dylan


Some of these resources may be located in the Music Library's reference section, and can only be used within the library. Click on the title to check the location and availability.

Bob Dylan writes...

"Wagon Train was on. It seemed to be beaming in from some foreign country. I shut that off, too, and went into another room, a windowless one with a painted door--a dark cavern with a floor-to-ceiling library. I switched on the lamps. The place had an overpowering presence of literature and you couldn't help but lose your passion for dumbness."

-Bob Dylan (Chronicles: Volume One)

"There's only one day at a time here, then it's tonight and then tomorrow will be today again."

-Bob Dylan (Chronicles: Volume One)

"aretha/crystal jukebox queen of hymn & him diffused in drunk transfusion wound would heed sweet soundwave crippled & cry salute to oh great particular el dorado reel & ye battered personal god but she cannot she the leader of whom when ye follow, she cannot she has no back she cannot . . . beneath black flowery railroad fans & fig leaf shades & dogs of all nite joes, grow like arches & cures the harmonica battalions of bitter cowards, bones & bygones while what steadier louder the moans & arms of funeral landlord with one passionate kiss rehearse from dusk & climbing into the bushes with some favorite enemy ripping the postage stamps & crazy mailmen & waving all rank &  familiar ambition than that itself, is needed to know that mother is not a lady . . . aretha with no goals, eternally  single & one step soft of heaven/let it be understood that she owns this melody along with her emotional diplomats & her earth & her musical secrets."

-Bob Dylan (Tarantula)

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