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Bob Dylan: Sound Recordings

Finding Albums

When looking for Bob Dylan recordings in the BGSU Libraries Catalog, try the following searches: 

  • Name of performer [author search]
    • Bob Dylan
  • Album title [title search]
    • Desire
  • Song title [title or keyword search]
    • One Too Many Mornings

“I'm just a song and dance man."-Bob Dylan


   Photo from the 1964 St. Lawrence College Yearbook of a November 26, 1963

performance by "Bobby Dylan." This photo is in the public domain.

Bootleg Series Recordings

The following are some Bootleg Series recordings: a Bob Dylan you may not have heard before.

Bob Dylan Pseudonyms

Don't forget to check for recordings done by all of these guys otherwise known as Bob Dylan

  • Blind Boy Grunt
  • Lucky/Boo Wilbury
  • Elston Gunnn
  • Bob Landy
  • Robert Milkwood Thomas
  • Tedham Porterhouse
  • Jack Frost
  • Sergei Petrov

Blind Boy Grunt Recordings [aka Bob Dylan]

The following are three Blind Boy Grunt albums available in the ML/BSSA at BGSU

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