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John Philip Sousa: NBC Radio Thanksgiving Day Broadcast

A research aid and discography for Sousa's conducted recordings

The NBC Radio Thanksgiving Day 1929 Broadcast of the Sousa Band

Sousa and his band particpated in 38 radio broadcasts between 1929 and 1932.  All but three of these were live, with the exceptions being the Thanksgiving Day 1929 broadcast and two CBS broadcasts that were pre-recorded.  According to Paul Bierley, the only known surviving performance from this era is the recording for "The Stars and Stripes Forever," including an introduction by Sousa.  It was aired on Thanksgiving Day 1929 (November 29) in several different time zones throughout the course of the day, and sponsored by General Baking Company (Bond Bakers).  A transcription was released in the 1970s on 7" 45 rpm by the CIMERA label (owned by Jaroslav "Jerry" Cimera, a trombonist in the Sousa Band).

"Introductory Speech by John Philip Sousa"

  • (abbreviated from original broadcast)
  • recorded November 6, 1929, NBC Studios, New York, NY, in honor of Sousa's 75th birthday
  • 7" 45 rpm, c. 1970s
  • released as: CIMERA 45-1238 (A)

"The Stars and Stripes Forever"

  • (Sousa)
  • recorded on either October 7, 14, or 21, 1929
  • 7" 45 rpm, c. 1970s
  • released as:  CIMERA 45-1238 (A)

The other two pre-recorded radio broadcasts (Wednesday, March 12, 1930 and Thursday, April 9, 1931) are feared lost forever, as most transcriptions were destroyed immediately after airing.  Both broadcasts were sponsored by Standard Oil of Indiana and aired on the CBS network from 9:00-10:00pm (CST).

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