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Tax Management Portfolios


BNA Tax Management Portfolios are in-depth, specialized compendia of tax topics.

DIGITAL ACCESS: The BNA Tax and Accounting Center  database has information about federal taxes; estates, gifts and trusts; and international tax issues. Can be used onsite in the library or remotely where there's an Internet connection. Please Note: Links within the database that are greyed out are not available to academic users (not part of BGSU's subscription) as shown in this screen shot. At various points in the database, if you click on a link to content excluded from our subscription, you will see a message like this screenshot. 

Search Options 

Quick Search:  Enter terms (e.g. surviving spouse) into Quick Search box. Results will display the number of items according to different content categories.  Follow links to see highlighted search terms as in this screenshot.  Click here to see a quick search for frequent flyer. 

The split screen display option as shown in this image helps you keep track of the citation as you view the text. 

Guided Search:  Use the Guided Search tab to explore content in portfolios or other content areas as shown in this screen shot.  Here are results for a search on the keyword charitable in the U.S. Income Portfolios  . 


Foreign Tax Resources

   Digital access: The BNA Tax and Accounting Center  database has information about foreign tax issues.

 Updated basic country information and trade regulations but not tax information is available from  the United States government's Country Commercial Guides. The World Bank's Doing Business in ... series benchmarks the degree of compliance with tax laws as an indicator of the ease of doing business in individual countries but lacks sufficient detail for accounting purposes.


CCH Intelliconnect

CCH Intelliconnect Tax Research Network   Covers federal, state, and international tax law, financial and estate trusts and other topical areas. (Items retrieved are not in as much breadth as the  Bllomberg/BNA Tax Management Portfolios in hard copy at REF HJ 3252 .B86x or available via inks in the content box on the left side of this screen.) This screenshot shows how to browse the Standard Federal Tax Reporter in CCH. Once you select this title, any topic search (e.g. child care credit ) that you do will be executed just in the Standard Federal Tax Reporter. 

Or search a topic (e.g. enterprise zone) and use filters to drill down to the specific information you want as shown here.  

 Many output options including printing, emailing, saving and more as shown in this screen shot.  

  Or you can search a citation as shown in this screen shot    

Revenue Ruling   (Rev Rul 67-99)

  • Revenue Proceeding   (Rev Proc 86-48)
  •  Tax Court Memorandum   (78 TCM 114)

Covers many additional  publications that you'll see cited. For a fee, business subscribers can have it as a phone app.

Legal Material

Often references or footnotes in a book or in the Tax Management Portfolios will cite either laws or court cases. You could find out more about a cited law or tax case in a variety of sources: 

Lexis Nexis Academic   For example, Opperwall v. Commr., 105 F.3rd 666 (9th Cir, 1997).

Proquest Congressional   For example H.R. Rep No. 841, 99th Cong., 2nd Sess. II-49 (1986)

 See the box with description of CCH Intelliconnect for citation searching within that database.