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MKT 4550: International Marketing: Competition

Host Country Competitors

To succeed in a new market, you need  to identify what strengths and strategies (based on the 4 P's) you could use to keep competitors from making serious inroads into your target market.

  • What are the competitor's strengths (brand recognition, distribution network, etc.)?
  • How could you go about positioning your product to compete effectively for a portion of the same food or entertainment or healthcare dollars the competitor is after? 


   Passport GMID (Global Market Information Database)

If you see a good Market Research Report, be sure to click on the right side links as shown here to get comprehensive reports on local competitors. This is the only place you will find extensive information about a local competitor.


Mintel   (International Reports)

Reports on Europe or the individual countries covered will have some details about local competitors.


Global Competitors

   Most databases that provide company snapshots (contact information, list of products & services, market share, competitors and so on) also have links to current news about your company. Examples are Lexis Nexis Academic and EBSCO's Business Source Complete


   Lexis-Nexis Academic : Contains articles, along with company reports and legal information. Click here for a screenshot of the landing page. 

Easy Search mode

  • Use the News link in the side navigation bar or the News search box in the center of the screen for recent news articles and other information on a particular company from general media sources. Blogs are sometimes covered.
  • Use the Business link in the side navigation bar or the Get Company Info search box in the center of the screen to find news and company reports from the business press.  Click here to see information and links in a company snapshot for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Notice the In the News links at the upper left of the screen. As the next screen shot shows, you can choose just newspapers or just magazines or other specific media types.

 Business Source Complete

  • For news, enter company name and press enter. Slide the date slider in the left navigation bar to cover only the last couple of years.
  • For a company report of a large global competitor, Use the top toolbar's More pull down button to select a Company Profile. 

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