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TECH 6950 Developing and Winning Government Grants: Practice

Guide to government information resources for the BGSU Tech 6950 class. Provides links to important government resources for grants.

Practice Handout

1.         Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) 

            Look at the Section on Types of Assistance—there are 15 different types.

            Applying for Assistance guidelines to applying for grants

The Section on Writing Grant Proposals is a good guide to general and specific information about the grant writing process.

Users Guide


            Searching the Catalog: 

Keyword searching:  education AND technology


By Beneficiary:  Education Professional


            By Applicant Eligibility:  Functional area—72 Youth Dev

                                                Applicant (organizational) type—15 Local


Browse Top 10% in the Catalog:   


Browse New Programs

Viewing the program description:  critical information here about the grant including applicant eligibility, administration authority, contact information, deadlines, etc.    




Select Find Grant Opportunities--advanced search:  Check Open Opportunities;  Funding Activity:  education; Type:  Grant; Eligibility:  City and Town


Select: a grant opportunity that looks interesting


Select Basic Search:  Keyword Search:  distance education

Select one of the grants and look at the:  Synopsis and the Full announcement


3.         Federal Register   

Lexis-Nexis Academic 

   Select Legal --Federal and State Codes -- Federal Regulations

            Search statement:  education and grants DOC-TITLE(Grants Notice) and date >(2007)


            GPO Access 

            Select Advanced search under 2009 (volume 74)

            Select Notices in Section

            Search:  grants and education            

            Availability of Grant Funds for Fiscal Year 2009


Look at results screen

   SUMMARY  look at the summary first

   HTML is the full text and comes up fairly quickly

   PDF is full text but can be slow depending on the size of the document


4.         Using Google US Government 

            Search distance education grants 2008



5.         State of Ohio Grants

Search:  grants Ohio higher education


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