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Johnny Cash: Miscellaneous

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The Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives has a lot resources about and by Johnny Cash. Yet, there are some materials we do not have. Check out Ohiolink to search for these items. The items can be sent to the Jerome Library and checked out with a BGSU library card.


"I wear black for the poor and beaten down/

livin' in the hopeless, hungry side of town/

I wear black for the prisoner/

who has long paid for his crime/

but is here because he is the victim of the times./

I wear black for those that never read/

or listened to the words that Jesus said."

from the song "Man in Black"

-lyrics from Johnny Cash: the songs


Throughout his life, Johnny Cash was involved with many projects. He acted in several westerns, had his own tv show "The Johnny Cash Show", collaborated with numerous other musicians and recorded a record expressing his passion for Native American Rights. The following materials encompass these areas and more.

Johnny Cash Show

The Johnny Cash show ran from 1969-1971. Here are the recordings available at the Music Listening Center. Enjoy!


Here are the recordings available at the Music Listening Center. Enjoy!

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