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Entrepreneurship Resources: Recommended Public Sites for Entrepreneurs

Intended to guide BA 2040 classes in finding information on which to base a winning proposal for funding.


 Global Brand Database  allows users to conduct a search, either by text or image, of trademarks from 15 intellectual property offices and registration sites around the world.

Filters can be applied to drill down to specifics.

Trademark searching is technical and complex. If the financila stakes are high, the common wisdom is to hire a professional to ensure nothing critical has been missed by the novice searcher.

Harvard Research Guide

This guide has some links that only those affiliated with Harvard can use (for example links to start-up funds from Harvard). But other left side navigation bar links include free information (articles such as "Six Keys to Building New Markets by Unleashing Disruptive Innovation" , web sites for entrepreneurs (e.g. the Kaufman Foundation) and more) that may prove useful to anyone starting as an entrepreneur. 

Hot New Products

Product Hunt    Anyone can post a product description. Viewers then comment and/or vote on the ones they like the best. A review of this website in the August 2014 BestBizWeb E-Newsletter says:"Recent buzz is that this is a site that investors and entrepreneurs are using to discover hot new items to promote, invest in, or track."

Naming Tips

Companies sometimes pay big bucks for recommendations on selecting a strong,catchy brand name. Alexandra Watkins, who has worked for prominent companies and also some non-profits, has been called "the naming whisperer".  Click on this link SMILE and SCRATCH for a quick explanation of the ruberic that is the core of her naming advice as posted on her website Her book Hello My Name is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names That Stick offers  -- to those who have time to consult it  -- even more-detailed advice about best and worst practices in naming a new flavor, size, ingredient, product or even a new company. 

Business Plans

Business Plan Center Geared toward selling a number of resources for entrepreneurs, this site still has free examples of award-winning business plans.