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Entrepreneurship Resources: Industry Information

Intended to guide BA 2040 classes in finding information on which to base a winning proposal for funding.

Reference Resources: Print and Digital Access

Below are selected Reference sources for locating information to use in sizing up the competition and estimating demand for your product:

   Market Share Reporter. Now available from 2009 to present in digital form.

Current 2 years of hard copy @ Research/Information Desk. Older editions in Reference stacks @ REF HF5410.M35

  • Check various years for company or product market share information. 

     Encyclopedia of American Industries.  Online access via this link. (Current hard copy ed. at the Jerome Library Research & Information desk)  Detailed information on industries, organized by SIC code.


  • Vol. 1 – Manufacturing
  • Vol. 2 – Service and Non-manufacturing

   Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries. Online access via this link. (Current hard copy ed. at the Jerome Library Research & Information desk)


     Encyclopedia of Global Industries.  Online access via this link. (Current hard copy ed. at the Jerome Library Research & Information desk) 

    Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys. 3 vols. Research & Information Desk.  HC 106.6 .S74

    • Industry analysis includes sections on Recent Developments, Industry Basics, & Company Data. Covers the structure of the industry, economic conditions, consumer behavior and other factors (e.g. innovation) with a big impact, and carries standard balance sheet data for industry leaders. Also tells how to use such data to identify companies in that industry that are doing well (e.g. what's a healthy amount of debt to carry).


    Standard & Poor’s Stock Reports. 2 vols. REF HG 4501.S76627

    • Current corporate reports including stock price & dividend data, key financial information, earnings report analysis, and company descriptions.

     Many more books are available! See some of our other LibGuides on: Company Information; Industry Information; and Multinational Business for more resources.  

    Small Business Administration

    Focusing on key U.S. industries, the  Statistics for Specific Industries database has valuable information about supply, demand, and pricing in the following market sectors:

    • Agriculture
    • Banking
    • Energy
    • Environment
    • Health and Safety
    • Housing
    • Transportation

    An example is a link from the Banking page to the recent six years of seasonally-adjusted information about consumer credit, including car loans, credit card debt, and other types of outstanding loans as shown in this screenshot.

    Includes tips for start-ups from how to write a business plan to choosing a location and equipment.


    Another site sponsored by the Small Business Administration, this database functions as a type of clearinghouse for government and non-government industry informartion. In the Demographics By Subject section of the Computer and Internet Industry, for example, it links to sources as diverse as these:

    Searching by industry yields detailed reports on the following and more:

    • Automotive aftermarket industry,
    • American trucking trends
    • Aerospace industry.

    These reports are not necessarily current; but they are freely available and they cover industry subgroups that can be difficult for BGSU affiliated researchers to find and access.

    Search Steps Demo

    Watch a demo about finding industry profiles in  Business Source Complete.  

    Or watch this demo to find country-specific industry information in  .