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GSW 1120: Freedom of Speech (Susan Carlton): Op/Ed Pieces

Class guide for special section of GSW 1120 focusing on freedom of speech issues.

More Op/Ed Pieces

These articles cannot be used for your critique essay, but they can give you a broader view of the arguments made about student speech.

Morse v. Frederick Op/Ed Pieces

  • The "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" Student Speech Case: With Kenneth Starr Seeking High Court Review of the Ninth Circuit Decision, Is Someone Blowing Smoke?
    FindLaw columnist Julie Hilden argues in favor of the student in Morse et al. v. Frederick, siding with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that held the student's rights were violated.
  • Student Speech Needs Protection
    Herald Bulletin columnist Stephen Dick argues that student speech is entitled to the same constitutional protections as the speech of adults.
  • One Toke over the Line, Sweet Jesus
    Henry A. Honig opines about the support of religious conservatives for the free speech rights of the "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" student. His own opinions on the case are mixed.
  • Clarence Thomas is Right
    Professor of law Stanley Fish argues that students do not have rights to freedom of expression, and that extending such rights to them gets in the way of education.
  • Morse vs. Frederick: The Controversies Surrounding the BONG HiTS 4 JESUS Case
    College student Lily Tran argues that the restriction of high school speech contributes to restrictions on student speech in higher education.

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