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GSW 1120: Freedom of Speech (Susan Carlton): PowerPoint Help

Class guide for special section of GSW 1120 focusing on freedom of speech issues.

PowerPoint Templates

These templates are all free to download. Templates from can also be downloaded directly through PowerPoint.

How Not to Run Afoul of Copyright Law

Used judiciously, images can add interest and shine to your presentation. PowerPoint includes clip art, but clip art doesn't always suit your needs. So what do you do when you want images?

Odds are that your impulse is to do a Google Image Search and grab whatever looks good. Don't do this. It makes the public domain vector-art police officer frown.

Copyright law is a complicated beast, and most images on the Internet are under copyright. To keep yourself out of trouble, always assume an image is copyrighted unless you have clear evidence to the contrary. For worry-free images, check out the Creative Commons links on the right.

Creative Commons Image Sites

Creative Commons licenses allow creators to take selective advantage of copyright ("some rights reserved") in order to share their works without releasing them entirely into the public domain. The six possible licenses are explained in this quick guide.

Remember to give credit if attribution is required!