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GSW 1120: Freedom of Speech (Susan Carlton): Elements of Writing

Class guide for special section of GSW 1120 focusing on freedom of speech issues.

General Writing Resources

Academic Writing and You
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If you're used to writing high school essays, college composition can be challenging; papers that earned an easy "A" in high school English may not even merit a passing grade at the college level. Expect to spend more time researching and analyzing your topic, more time revising and refining your arguments, and more time focusing on structure and good transitions.

This section focuses on two major types of college essays, which coincidentally are the first two essays you'll be writing:

  • Critique essay, in which you'll analyze another writer's argument
  • Argument synthesis essay, in which you'll draw together sources to craft your own argument

Need Help?

Having trouble?
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Don't panic! One-on-one assistance is available online, by phone, or in person.

* For help writing your essay and citing your sources, contact the Writing Center.

* For help finding sources, contact the Research & Information Desk in the library

* For questions about your assignment, contact your instructor.