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Manage Yourself and Your Info!:

A few suggested tools to keep up in your field and to organize your research findings.

Search the catalogs of libraries around the world with WorldCat.

Great for scholars working across institutions or searching beyond local, state, or national holdings, WorldCat allows you to create an account and store information, create lists, and add personal notes to articles and books you choose.

WorldCat helps you locate manuscript collections and rare or specialized research, which may be helpful when applying for grants for professional travel funds to use the resources that cannot be sent from one location to another.

Keep in mind that while WorldCat may help you identify items for your research, WorldCat does not automatically provide you with access to the articles or books you find using this tool. You will have to work with your library to request items your own library does not own.

WorldCat lists

WorldCat Citations Tools

What can I do with WorldCat? lets you:

  • Search many libraries at once for an item and then locate it in a library nearby
  • Find books, music, and videos to check out
  • Find research articles and digital items (like audiobooks) that can be directly viewed or downloaded
  • Link to "Ask a Librarian" and other services at your library
  • Post your review of an item, or contribute factual information about it

You may need to have an active offline membership with a WorldCat library to view/download content or check out materials through its Web site.

from What is WorldCat?