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EBooks: Oxford Scholarship Online & UPSO

A guide to the electronic books collections available through the BGSU Libraries.

Popular Oxford Scholarship Online Titles

Popular UP Scholarship Online Titles

Oxford Scholarship Online & University Press Scholarship Online Quick Facts

Oxford Scholarship Online

University Press Scholarship Online

Coverage:  Oxford books: mostly 2004 to present
 UPSO books: 2015 to present
Users: Unlimited
Contains: Full text of over 10,000 books published by Oxford University Press, University of California Press, University of Chicago Press, MIT Press, New York University Press, and Yale University Press, purchased by BGSU through OhioLINK. These titles cover a range of subjects, including economics and finance, philosophy, political science, and religion. Hundreds of new and recently-published books are added each year.
Best for: A wide range of academic subjects
Printing: Print pages from a chapter or an entire chapter via PDF;  print chapters via HTML
Download Chapters only, limit on number of chapters
Compatible Devices Anything with a web browser


Anatomy of an Oxford Scholarship Online or UPSO Book

A. As a BGSU user you will be recognized as part of OhioLINK, and will not be required to sign in to gain access. You can, however, register for a personal account, which will allow you to save books and articles onsite.

B. Hitting the "Print" icon will show the current pages laid out in a print-ready format. Right click or choose the print option from your browser's options.

C. The Disk icon allows you to save current book or chapter to your onsite account.

D. Clicking the 'citation' icon allows you to choose the format for the citation, then copy/paste the text or save it as a .ris file.

E. The "E mail" icon will allow you to email yourself the persistent url to the current page.