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EBooks: Safari Books Online

A guide to the electronic books collections available through the BGSU Libraries.

Safari Quick Facts

Most Safari titles are now also available on the Safari O'Reilly Academic Learning Platform, which allows for unlimited simultaneous users. All users must provide their BGSU email address in order to use the new O'Reilly platform. Guest and walkin users may use safari (at) for access. SETTING UP A PERSONAL ACCOUNT AFTER ENTERING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS NOT REQUIRED for future access (though setting up an account may streamline the access process). The O'Reilly platform will replace the current Safari Books Online platform as of 12/1/18.

Connect to Safari Books Online


Coverage: Mostly 2004 to present
Users: Limited to 100 simultaneous users statewide (unlimited users on new O'Reilly platform; see above)
Contains: Tech books on programming languages, applications, systems, networking, web design and development, and more. Over 33,000 titles; very current
Best for: Computer science, web development, applications
Printing: Usually limited to one page at a time
Download None
Compatible Devices Anything with a web browser


Anatomy of a Safari Book

A. The Safari "E mail" icon will allow you to e mail yourself the persistent url to the page you are viewing. 

B. Hitting the "Print" icon will allow you to print one screen - usually several pages of text. However, not every Safari book has a "Print" link. For those that do not, you can use your browser print function to print one page at a time, but frames will not be removed.

C. Viewing the pages as thumbnails helps you pick out charts and graphs.

D. The slider bar allows you to easily zoom in and out on text.

E. The "URL" button shows you the persistent url to the page you are viewing.

F. Full screen view hides the side navigation and page header.

G. As a BGSU user, you will be recognized as part of OhioLINK. The "Personal Sign In" link is misleading because as an OhioLINK user you are not actually able to create a personal account.

H. Each screen in Safari offers its own context-sensitive help link.