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Folktale and Fairy Tale Resources in the CRC: Resources in the Popular Culture Library

This guide will connect you with the folktales, fairy tales, variants, and fractured versions of traditional tales from around the world.

There's more out there!

Here are some library catalog searches to find even more resources about folklore, fairy tales, and folklife in the Browne Popular Culture Library.

Related Stuff

Other terms related to folklore/fairy tales/folklife are:

  • urban legends
  • myths
  • ghost stories
  • legends or lore
  • ghosts or phantoms or spooks
  • phenomena
  • mythical creatures like the loch ness monster, yeti, bigfoot
  • monsters
  • superstitions
  • voodoo or witchcraft
  • vampires or werewolves
  • folktales
  • hoaxes

These are just a few.  Try keyword searches in the library catalog to see what we might have on these.

Resources in the BPCL

Reference Books

Get started with one of these:

More Specific Resources

The Browne Popular Culture Library has a fairly large number of resources on American folklore and fairy tales, but also folklore from elsewhere in the world.  Here's a sample of what you can find up on the 4th floor:

From around the states:

From around the world:

In addition, the BPCL also has resources on more varied kinds of folklore.  See below for some examples:

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