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BGSU 1000: Information Literacy: For Instructors

This resource is designed for use in the BGSU 1000 course.


Greetings BGSU 1000 Instructors and Peer Facilitators,

This Guide is designed to help you start the conversation about scholarship in the academy. This is your opportunity to talk to students about the varied responsibilities of the faculty and staff with whom they will interact during their time here at BGSU. Students may not be aware that professors and administrators have a variety of duties. Here is your chance to tell them about University governance, service, research, and teaching.

Another point to keep in mind is that undergraduate students have the potential to leave BGSU without understanding the scholarly publication cycle. They may be told they have to read such articles, but they may not understand why, what goes into this type of information source, or the importance of these bodies of research and knowledge.

While this module could be done exclusively outside of class time, it can serve as the basis for much discussion during class time, as well.

Please feel free to offer suggestions for how we can improve this Guide in the future by using the feedback box below. If you have questions about this Guide or technical problems, please contact Rob Snyder (2-9442 /


Guide authors:


Rob Snyder

First Year Experience Coordinator


Originally created with Colleen Boff and Joelle Thomas