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BGSU 1000: Information Literacy: Start here: Flow of Information

This resource is designed for use in the BGSU 1000 course.

Case Study

In this module, we'll be looking at coverage of Hurricane Katrina (2005) to see how information is generated at each step of the process. Watch this space on the left for links to examples!

(Image courtesy of the USACE)

Flow of Information

Believe it or not, there is an elaborate cycle of information production. Any major event initiaties years' worth of information output. The best way for you as a new student at BGSU to learn about academic library research is to understand how information is produced.

View the following tutorial to get a handle on how information is generated after an event occurs. If the slides are moving too fast or too slow for you, use the left and right buttons to navigate instead of the "play" button. You can also click on the slideshow button  to view a larger version.

(Conceptual credit for the "Flow of Information" goes to Sharon Hogan, as adapted by Diane Zwemer for UCLA library instruction.)

What next?

To see which tools to use to locate different types of information here at BGSU, proceed to the next tab in this guide, Step 1: An event happens.

Watch this space on later tabs for helpful hints to make your research easier.