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BGSU University Libraries

MBA: Business Ethics

Research sources and tips for on-campus MBA's and Executive MBA's.

Finding Books

The BGSU and OhioLink catalogs both will have book-length treatments about topics like whistleblowing and drug testing.

Click here for a demo of a key word search for whistleblowing in the BGSU catalog. You will see government documents as well as commercial publications and electronic books as well as hard copy. Sometimes a chapter of a book will appear as well.

Notice that different spellings of the search term get you different numbers of results.

If you find something you like, click on the Find Similar Items tab and use specific subject headings assigned by librarians to focus your results. (But if the subject headings are broad, then stick with the keyword search results.) When searching by subject, usually it's wise to pick the link that has the largest number of items at the right side of the screen.

Sorting by Reverse Year will display most-recently published items first.

The Map It feature will tell you where in the building to look for a hard copy book.

Click here for a demo of two OhioLink searches for Kozlowski (Tyco's jailed ceo) .

Defining and Exploring Ethics

Click here for a link to a film that defines ethics in part not as a choice between right and wrong but instead as a decision between right and right (as in long term versus short term considerations in formulating business strategy). Click on the white arrow to play the video or follow the links at the bottom of the screen to download it.

Finding Articles

Both historical and contemporary accounts of ethical issues can be found in many of the databases listed under the Business category of research databases.  Here are a few to get you started!

   Business Source Complete.  Search through business newspapers, magazines, & journals for articles related to business ethics. Note that most articles are available as full text. Where you don't see a direct link to pdf or html, the Findit option shows links to any locally-subscribed article text. Watch for the citation generator and set it to APA, MLA, or another style that your professor has specified.

  The legal section of Lexis Nexis Academic that covers Law Reviews has a wealth of long articles covering issues and opinions as well as discussion and reference to legal cases. Click here for a different demo of a search for executive compensation. Notice that if you have a lot of hits on a broad topic, you can narrow the topic by using the Search within Results box.

Finding Legal Resources

The Cadillac of legal databases,   LEXIS NEXIS Academic, is the best source of legal information, including law review

 articles as well as statutes and case law.