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MBA: Global Perspective

Research sources and tips for on-campus MBA's and Executive MBA's.

Global Marketing

Finding demographic information (age, sex, income, etc.) and lifestyle information (media exposure, shopping habits, decision dynamics within a family, etc.) about prospective customers is essential to getting the word out to customers in lucrative market segments at the lowest possible cost. Passport GMID and Mintel databases are tailor-made for these purposes.


     Passport GMID (Passport Global Market Information Database)   


Market analysis for companies in this database includes links to global and country reports and key competitor reports, providing context for company operations.  Focused mostly on prominent companies with international operations (e.g. Microsoft, Yum Brands, and L'Oreal), this database is reliable, complete, detailed, and up to date. Unique coverage of local competitors in overseas markets. 


Great coverage of Europe and developed countries. Heavily weighted toward consumer goods like liquor (e.g. In Home Drinking UK) and cleaning products (e.g. Household Cleaning Products France). Offers market research reports covering US and International markets. Each report combines data & analysis of the competitive landscape, market-share analysis and consumer profiles. Complex demographic issues are broken into easy-to-understand sections, explaining consumer behavior and demonstrating the structure of the market.  

Country or Regional Business Conditions: Reports

Two sources are especially good for lengthy and detailed reports about doing business globally:

      Doing Business (World Bank):  Measuring Business Regulations: Gives objective measures of business regulations and enforcement regarding 181 economies and selected cities.  Reports provide an overview of various aspects of the business environment from taxes to gender of owners, workers, and managers of the local competition. 

   Passport GMID has detailed information about consumers including the amount of discretionary income and spending patterns.

See the International Business LibGuide for additional research strategies and recommended resources. 

Country or Regional Business Conditions: Articles

Almost all business databases feature articles about doing business globally, since that's where the growth markets are. And the ones listed below have one-click access to the content of many articles that you will want to print from the screen or save.

  Business Source Complete covers a wide range of print media but with a slight time lag in many cases.

  Lexis Nexis Academic has broad and deep coverage of both general media and the business press.

  Academic Search Complete is unique in having a wealth of articles from trade journals (e.g. Electronic Design)  along with popular press (e.g. Business Week Online) and scholarly journal content (e.g. International Journal of Distance Education Technologies).



Click on this link and scroll down to see the full array of business databases available via library license agreements and contracts.