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DRAM Online Listening Database: Grouping

This research guides provides advanced searching techniques tailored for the DRAM online listening database through a combination of text, images, and videos.

Video Instructions

Grouping (aka Nesting)

Parentheses can be used to group clauses to form sub queries, allowing multiple searches to be combined into one. To search for the performers "Gloria Agostini" or "Maro Ajemian" and "Ruth Negri", use the search query:

(Gloria Agostini OR Maro Ajemian) AND Ruth Negri

This search will return works consisting of the following combination of performers (see diagram):

  • Gloria Agostini and Ruth Negri
  • Maro Ajemian and Ruth Negri
  • Gloria Agostini, Maro Ajemian, and Ruth Negri. 


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