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Financial Ratios: Company Ratios

Sources for financial ratios for companies and industries.

S & P Industry Surveys (NetAdvantage Database)

  This database is the "gold standard" for industry information, 1) providing you are looking into a thriving industry (think apparel and footwear not shoe laces) and 2) providing that companies of interest are traded on the stock market. Each industry report covers the structure of the industry, economic conditions, consumer behavior and other factors that have a big impact on that market sector (e.g. innovation), and each carries standard balance sheet data for industry leaders. Each report also tells how to use such data to identify companies in that industry that are doing well (e.g. what's a healthy amount of debt to carry).

Historical Companies Database

Research Insight:   This c.d.rom-formatted database has comprehensive current (latest reported) and historical data for both active and defunct companies. Use the Company Highlights module to see company ratios for a number of years. Search Strategy:

  • Click on Start Programs, Research Insight, and the first icon that looks like a green streak of lightning.
  • On the Welcome page, Click on the Company Highlights icon.
  • Enter the ticker and press okay. Company Highlights report shows a variety of information, including Valuation ratios based on stock price( Price/Earnings/EPS, etc.)
  • Next click on the Open Report icon in the side navigation bar (Looks like a dog-eared report cover) and enter your company name or ticker symbol.
  • Scroll down to the Combined Reports folder and double click on it.
  • Scroll down to the link to All 5 year Statements & Ratio Report and double click it. Click next.
  • Enter ticker symbol and click OK.
  • First you will see the Annual Balance Sheet table. Scroll down past that one and the next two tables to the header Annual Ratio Report to see data and ratios that speak to the company's Liquidity, Activity, Performance, Profitablity, Leverage, and Dividend statistics for the most recent 5 years available. 

Lexis Nexis Academic Database


 Lexis Nexis Academic provides access to Financial Information including ratios, balance sheets, income statements and more from its company snapshots .  

Enter company name or ticker symbol into the Get Company Info search box and you will see a company snapshot with basic information.

Click on the left sidebar link to Custom Report. On the next screen put a checkmark in the box beside the header Financials. Overview. (You can uncheck details like names of company officers if all you want is financial data.) Submit the request. You'll see a detailed company report. Scroll down to see financial ratios and operating ratios, and earnings (investment) ratios.