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Blues Music: Discographies and Recording Guides

Assistance with finding blues recordings and information about the blues in the library

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Chess Records Recording EquipmentPhoto Attribution: PhineasX

Analog recording equipment used by Chess Records.  Equipment is currently on display at the Willie Dixon Blues Heaven Foundation.


Defining Discography

A discography is

"A purposeful, critical list or catalogue of sound recordings.

A discography may include recordings in any medium, not merely those on some form of disc.

The crucial distinction between a discography and a library or manufacturer's catalogue is the critical selection and organization of its information for a distinct purpose."

General Discographies and Recording Guides

Some of these resources are located in the Music Library's reference section, and can only be used within the library. Click on the title to check the location and availability.

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Famous Quote

The Blues are the true facts of life expressed in words and song, inspiration, feeling, and understanding. 

- Willie Dixon