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The Swine Flu Scare of 1976: U.S. Government Publications: Articles in U.S. Government Periodicals

A bibliography of United States government publications about the Swine Flu scare of 1976. This is accompanied by a brief article summarizing events.

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Articles in U.S. Government Periodicals

"Elderly Among First To Be Immunized Against Swine Flu Under National Program." Aging. No. 265 (November 1976) p.3. (HE 1.210:265).

"Flu Shots -- Again." Consumer News. 7:4 (Feb. 15, 1977) p.1. (HE 1.509:7/4).

Gaydos, Foel C. et al. "Swine Influenza A Outbreak, Fort Dix, New Jersey, 1976." Emerging Infectious Diseases. 12:1 (January 2006) p.23-28. (HE 20.7817:12/1).

"Get Ready To Roll Up Your Sleeves." Consumer News. 6:13 (July 1, 1976) p.1. (HE 1.509:6/13).

Larkin, Timothy. "Gearing Up To Prevent a Flu Epidemic," FDA Consumer. 10:8 (October 1976) p.10-13. (HE 20.4010:10/8).

Larkin, Timothy. "The New Flu: What It Is and What Is Being Done About It." FDA Consumer. 10:4 (May 1976) p.4-11. (HE 20.4010:10/4).

"Official Statement & Consent Form for Flu Shots." Consumer News. 7:4 (Feb. 15, 1976) p.3. (HE 1.509:7/4).

"OK On Swine Flu Shots." Consumer News. 6:20 (Oct. 15, 1976) p.1. (HE 1.509:6/20).

Savard, John. "War of the Microbes." Soldiers. 31:9 (September 1976) p.13-16. (D101.12:31/9).

"Swine Flu & You." Consumer News. 6:8 (April 15, 1976) p.3. (HE 1.509:6/8).

"Swine Flu Concern." Consumer News. 6:22 (Nov. 15, 1976) p.3. (HE 1.509:6/22).


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