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This collection of essays has been selected for the fall 2009 & 2010 Common Reading Experience at Bowling Green State University.

Title Selection

This I Believe

Join the class of 2013 this summer and read This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women edited by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman. You and your classmates are invited to be a part of the Common Reading Experience, a BGSU tradition since 2001. You will have a chance to explore and discuss the themes and issues related to the book in a variety of venues throughout the semester. Your first experience with this book will be during a book discussion with your BGeX faculty member and peer facilitator scheduled for Sunday, August 23.


This I Believe is a collection of 80 short and inspiring essays crafted by several famous, as well as many not-so-famous, Americans. Started in the 1950s by Edward R. Murrow as a radio program, this compilation represents a melding of personal philosophies on life representing the thoughts of people over the last six decades. Essay titles by well-known contributors include: “The America I Believe In” (Colin Powell), “Unleashing the Power of Creativity” (Bill Gates), “In Giving I Connect with Others” (Isabel Allende), and “An Ideal of Service to our Fellow Man” (Albert Einstein). Other samplings of intriguing essay titles likely to peak interest include: “Be Cool to the Pizza Dude,” written by an english professor, “Finding Prosperity by Feeding Monkeys,” written by an attorney, and “The People Who Love You When No One Else Will,” written by an events planner. There is something for everyone in this thought provoking collection that will inspire readers to think about what it is they believe in.


Each student is responsible for obtaining a copy of This I Believe (book I) and reading it in preparation for your book discussion on Sunday, August 23. 


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