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Non-Music Recordings: Sound Effects

Guide to finding spoken word (including poetry, drama, advertising, and more), sound effects, and other non-music recordings in the Music Library

Looking for Sound Effects?

If you need recordings of sound effects rather than spoken word, there are several ways to start.  Try doing a keyword search on some of the following terms, limiting your search to material type "Spoken Word Recording":

Sounds [for recordings of "real" sounds from life]
Sound effects [for reproduced sounds]
Theaters -- Sound effects
...or any other term for which you'd like to find a sound, such as airplanes, cars, or clowns.

BGSU owns the 40-disc set, the BBC Sount Effects Library (MusicCD 05553-05592).  These are royalty-free tracks that you can use in projects.  Read more about the collection, or look at the complete index on the Sound Ideas site.

Sound Effects on the Web

Free sounds licensed under Creative Commons for re-use

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Coconuts