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Non-Music Recordings: Sound Effects

Guide to finding spoken word (including poetry, drama, advertising, and more), sound effects, and other non-music recordings in the Music Library

Looking for Sound Effects?

If you need recordings of sound effects rather than spoken word, there are several ways to start.  Try doing a keyword search on some of the following terms, limiting your search to material type "Spoken Word Recording":

Sounds [for recordings of "real" sounds from life]
Sound effects [for reproduced sounds]
Theaters -- Sound effects
...or any other term for which you'd like to find a sound, such as airplanes, cars, or clowns.

BGSU owns the 40-disc set, the BBC Sount Effects Library (MusicCD 05553-05592).  These are royalty-free tracks that you can use in projects.  Read more about the collection, or look at the complete index on the Sound Ideas site.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Coconuts

Sound Effects on the Web

Free sounds licensed under Creative Commons for re-use