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HIST 3190: The American Indian in History: Primary Sources & Other Useful Government Documents

Guide to library resources--books, journals, newspapers, websites, government information--for the History 3190 class.

Chiricahua Apache at Carlisle Indian School

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Historic Sets

Some documents are long, multi-volume sets. Generally these sets have their own indexes that provide access to the set. The resources listed below may be useful for many of your topics. You may browse the stacks or use the indexes available with the sets.

American Indian Policy Review Commission. Call number: Y 4.In 2/10 Browse the documents stacks for this set of hearings and reports, or search the BGSU catalog. Author search: United States. American Indian Policy Review Commission. The Final report is also available online: v.1:; v.2:

Bureau of Indian Affairs Publications (I 20. ) Numerous documents, reports, and publications shelved in the documents stacks under the I 20 call number.
BIA web page

Bureau of Ethnology Annual Reports (SI 2.1: yr.) We have 1882-1933. Papers, reports, studies of American Indians.  These have been digitized by various organizations (for urls see the box, on this page, that lists Internet sites)

Land cessions are reported in the 18th Annual Report. Index to the set is in the 48th Annual Report (1930-31).  A copy of this volume, which includes Land Cessions 1784-1894 is available online.

Bulletins of the Bureau of American Ethnology. (SI 2.3: no.) Series of reports on culture and anthropology. Index is Bulletin no. 200. There is also an online version of this index at the Smithsonian Site. Many of the bulletins have been digitized by various organizations (for urls see the box, on this page, that lists Internet sites)

Handbook of North American Indians (SI 1.20;) Series of volumes about Native Americans. This is an excellent source for overviews, and references to further readings.

Indian Affairs, Laws, and Treaties. Ed. Charles Kappler. (Y 4.In2/2:L 44/v.)
This is a 5 volume set which includes the texts of laws and treaties. (Also available online)

United States Reports..Cases adjudged in the Supreme Court (Ju 6.8: ) Decisions of the Supreme Court. (Also available online in the databases listed in the Court cases box on this page)

Presidential Papers
Messages and Papers of the Presidents (Y 4.P93/1:3/v.) Covers Washington through Wilson
Hoover 1932- Reagan 1983, GS 4.113:
Reagan 1983+ AE 2.114:

For online versions of papers of many of the Presidents, see the Public Papers of the Presidents at the American Presidency Project:

Territorial Papers of the United States. (S 1.36: ) Papers, letters, reports from the territorial governors.

Court Cases

Court Cases
Jerome Library subscribes to Lexis Nexis Academic which provides access to the Supreme Court cases, appellate and state court cases.

  • LexisNexis Academic
    Full-text newspapers, business information, and legal publications, including current news, company profiles, industry information, and federal and state laws and legislation. Legal coverage: 1789 to present.

Useful Government Sources on the Internet