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Marketing: Industry Information

Starting point for thinking about marketing research assignments and projects and finding helpful secondary (library) resources.

Defining Your Industry

It is always wise to start marketing planning with a broad view of the milieu where your product will compete for the consumer's attention and dollars. To make a comprehensive environmental scan, think not merely "breakfast food" but also competition for the "food dollar", without reference to mealtimes.

Products competing with cereals could include breakfast bars, high protein drinks, restaurant meals, and many more. Younger consumer may eat not at specific times but when their busy daily schedules permit. And they may choose anything from an energy drink to the biggest entree offered at a pancake house.

Mintel offers a wide range of reports focusing on consumers of a great many product types. See the Market Research Data: Digital tab in this guide for more advice and information.

Reference Sources

Although you can definitely find some very useful industry information on the Internet, much industry information is most readily, reliably, and sometimes only found in library sponsored print sources (books and articles) and in research databases.

  Standard and Poor's Industry Surveys:  Read about the current issues surrounding your industry, find the key companies in the industry, and compare the financials of the companies within the industry. PLEASE

  EXCERPT from June 2014 Food and Beverage Industry Survey


More Industry Info

     Encyclopedia of American Industries. Contains detailed information arranged by broad industry sector and then by industry subdivisions: vol. 1 manufacturing industries; vol. 2 service and non-manufacturing industries. Online access via this link.(Current hard copy ed. at the Jerome Library Research & Information desk) 

·     Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries. Online access via this link. (Current hard copy ed. at the Jerome Library Research & Information desk) 

·        Encyclopedia of Global Industries.  Online access via this link. (Current hard copy ed. at the Jerome Library Research & Information desk)

·    Hoover's Handbook of Industry Profiles.   Located in Reference shelves at ref HD2328 .H65.

Trade Associations

Try the following to see what information may be available from trade associations:  

·    Look at the Yahoo! Trade Associations directory to see if the industry that you're researching has a web site.

·  BOOK  Look in the Encyclopedia of Associations (Annual) at the Jerome Library Research & Information Desk for names and addresses of trade associations.

Search Steps Demo

Watch a demo about finding industry profiles in  Business Source Complete.  

Or watch this demo to find country-specific industry information in  .

Selected Web Sites

·    Fuld & Company's Internet Intelligence Index   See the list of "Industry-Internet Resources" in the center of this page.

·    Industry Home Pages   A listing of links to industry home pages.