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French & Francophone Studies: Articles

A resource guide for faculty and students in the French Section of the Department of Romance & Classical Studies at BGSU.

Suggested Journals

These journals are considered core journals in French & Francophone studies.  To get started, you may want to search or browse these titles individually:


Do you want to find out if a particular journal is available electronically? Use this tool to explore BGSU's e-journal holdings.

Search by title or ISSN

Language Theses and Dissertations

OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center contains full-text PDFs since 2000 from participating Ohio schools, and can be browsed by school, department, or author. 

Dissertation Abstracts contains citations to dissertations and theses, and instructions on how to order full-text materials for a fee.

Literature Databases

This will search several EBSCO Literature Databases at once: Academic Search Complete; Humanities International Complete; Literary Reference Center; MLA Directory of Periodicals; and MLA International Bibliography.


Core Research Databases

Start with these essential databases. These are high-quality, subscription-only databases provided by the University Libraries. If you are using them off-campus, you will need to authenticate with your BGSU username and password. 

Databases of Full-Text Journals

Depending on your topic, you may want to search these other databases.  Be careful with JSTOR and Project Muse--both are databases of full-text journals.  When you conduct a keyword search in them, you will search every word in every single journal article in the databases. You may retrieve many irrelevant items. Read the search tips in each for suggestions on ways to search efficiently.

Additional Databases: Literature

Depending on your topic, you may find relevant background material in these other databases:

EBSCO Tutorials

Want to improve your EBSCO searching skills?  Check out these video tutorials.  If you you'd like to learn more about setting up a My EBSCO account, be sure to watch the My EBSCOhost Personalization Folder video.  It will teach you to save search results, create journal & search alerts, and provide you with a place to save full-text articles. 

Hot Tip

Follow the "Find It!" link or button on an article in the research databases to locate online or print articles in other databases!

If an article isn't available full text in one database, it may be full text in another. Following Find It! will save you much time and frustration.

The Find It! button looks like this:  find it button OR OhioLINK find it button.

Already have a journal title?

If you already have a journal citation from an existing bibliography or some other source, use this tool to see if you can find the article online or in print: