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Rap and Hip Hop Resources: What kind of materials are there?

A guide to finding resources for rap and hip hop research

What kind of materials are there?

We have books, records (45 and 33 rpm LPs), CDs, periodicals (magazines and journals), and sheet music.

Some of our materials you can find in the open stacks of the music library (you can check these out), mainly books and sheet music. Because we are an archive, we have many materials that can only be use in the music library ("popular" music CDs, LPs and many books). How do you use the materials, you may ask?!

Well, to help familiarize you with what materials you can find in the music library let us breifly run down what you might see in the catalog:

Our example is a search for anything on Run-D.M.C.

First: A generic keyword search of Run-D.M.C. from the catalog page, with no limitations:


Which yields 161 results (books, CDs, LPs). The first hit will be an LP

You see the entry "Run-D.M.C.," which is the album title. The vital information to finding this recording is the Location/Call Number/Status. These fields tell you where to go to find the material and whether you can check it out or use it in the music library.

The status of this item is "Lib Use Only," which means it can only be listened to in the music library.  Just come to the Listening Center Window, and we will pull it and play it for you. CDs work exactally the same!


The second item on your search results page would be a book that is also Library Use Only.

Again, this book may only be used in the Music Library.  Take the call number up to the Listening Center Window, give the call number to the friendly worker there, and he or she will help you!


If you scroll down to number 15 you will see an available book!

The second entry indicates that it has a location of "Music Library Open Stacks" with the status "Available."  You can check this item out. We have employees working at our reference desk all of the time, so if you need help locating the book on the shelf... Just ASK!


The Third and Final Book Location is Music Reference:

Reference items, located in the Reference Section of the Music Library, may only be used in the music library. You'll notice that the call number has a prefix of "ref," indicating that it is a reference book.

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