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English Literature Studies: Plot Summaries

A guide to English literature and literary criticism.

Additional Resources

IMDB: Internet Movie Database contains plot synopsis and summaries of films and some television series (and director, actor, writer, release date information).

SparkNotes are free online guides providing context, themes and motifs, overviews and chapter summaries for major works.

Literary Reference Center also contains hundreds of brief plot summaries

Do You Know Masterplots?

The Masterplots Series contain concise plot synopses, critical commentary, character profiles, literary settings and biographical profiles. Masterplots articles provide referential information about sources, and discussion of significant aspects of the work’s artistry and history. A  bibliography provides annotated citations to the best English-language sources for further research about the book.

Shorter than Cliff Notes, Masterplots are an excellent starting point to refresh one’s memory about a previously read book or a life of a previously studied author, and the guide for students needing to review a term’s worth of literary study.

Each series is found in the Jerome Library.

African American Literature Series

American Fiction Series

British and Commonwealth Fiction Series

Drama Series

Poetry Series

Short Story Series