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Human Movement, Sport & Leisure Studies: Finding Legal Resources

Lists of databases, reference books, and Internet resources that might be useful in researching the various curriculum areas within the School of Human Movement, Sport, and Leisure Studies.

Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

Using the Journal Finder below, you can find peer-reviewed articles relevant to sports law by doing the following: 

Under Search by Title or ISSN:

Select "Title contains all words" from drop box

Search box: Type "sports law"

Journal Finder: Search for a specific journal title

Looking for a particular journal title?  Search  below to see if it's available.


Search by title or ISSN



Law Review & Journal Articles

Law reviews are scholarly journals typically published by law schools. Locating & reading a law review or journal article is usually a great way to begin research on a topic.  In addition to giving you a thorough discussion & analysis of a particular legal issue, an article's footnotes can provide you with citations for the primary sources of law (statutes, cases, etc.) related to the issue. 

Introduction to LexisNexis Academic - New Interface!

How to Access LexisNexis Academic?

LexisNexis Academic
From the Library's home page, click the ALL Databases link below the search box in the middle of screen. This opens the Alphabetical List of Databases page - just click on 'L' to jump down the page and select LexisNexis Academic from the list.

How to Find a Specific Document in LexisNexis Academic

Follow the instructions below to find a specific document, using the main search page on LexisNexis Academic by headline, author, publication, or date.
Main Document.jpg
  1. Click on the Advanced Options section
  2. If you have the date of the article, type it into the boxes provided
  3. If you have the publication name in which your document was published, type it in the source word wheel
  4. If you have the byline, headline, or other information about the document, use the Build Your Own Segment Search Box
  5. Click Apply
  6. Click Search

How to Find a Specific Legal Case in LexisNexis Academic

You can quickly find a case on LexisNexis Academic in various different ways. These are the two quickest and simplest ways. However, if you need a more narrow, specific search, use the "Federal & State Cases" form in the Search By Content Type section.

Look up a Legal Case Widget

Main Cases2.jpg
  1. Click on the Look up a Legal Case Widget to expand
  2. Type in the citation number or party names
  3. Click Go


Main Search Box

Main Cases.jpg
  1. Type your citation or party name in the main search box
  2. Click the Advanced Options section
  3. Deselect all of the other sources and focus your search to Federal & State Cases
  4. Click Apply
  5. Click Search