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Industry & Company Information: Research Databases

Start here for all your industry information needs.

Core Databases

The best resource we have to research industry information is the IBISWorld database. Search for any industry such as computer manufacturing, construction or telecommunications and you will get a report with specifics about the entire industry.

We have several additional resources for locating industry information: 


Custom Company Comparisons

In the Nexis Uni research database, ratios for any group of publicly traded companies can be compared by searching in the Company Dossier portion of the site.

Search strategy:

  • Click on the down arrow 

  •  under the Get Company Info box  to see the Company Dossier link.
  • On the next screen, try clicking on the Industry tab as shown below and entering a key word or SIC code to see what companies Nexis Uni includes in that industry. Some lists are so broad they will not make sense for your research focus. If so, compile your own list.
  • Compile your list of top competitors, and click on the Compare Companies tab as shown below.
  • Key in ticker symbols or names for as many of those companies as you want to compare.

  • After entering all the tickers for your set of companies, you will retrieve a Company Financial Comparison giving balance sheet and income statement items, followed by the header Ratio Analysis. Here you'll find a long list of ratios.  

NOTE: This will work best with companies who are direct competitors in the industry (i.e. they have the same primary NAICS code that your company has). Comparing two companies with diversified operations may be of limited value. For example, Apple and Motorola are competing for mobile phone business; but each one competes in a good many other product markets as well. So ratios for the whole company do not give a very clear or complete picture of how they fare in the cell phone market.