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Industry Information: Books

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Reference Books

Intended for a quick check of basic company information, directories have a listing by industrial classification code that can be useful in estimating how many companies operate in the same or a related industry.

  • Harris Ohio Industrial Directory: HD 9727 .03 037 (Most recent 2009 at Research & Information Desk)
  • Standard and Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives: HG 4057 .A4x (Research & Information Desk)


    These sources give standard financial ratios (e.g. debt to equity, return on investment, and more) used for centuries as benchmarks for comparisons of company performance to the rest of the industry.  What you see is what you get!  They do not cover all industries, favoring manufacturing over retail, for example.  They do not cover industries that generate little revenue (e.g. pencil manufacturers).  Data about industry subgroups (e.g. car mufflers) will be embedded in entries about the larger industry (e.g. after-market auto parts).

    • Almanac Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios: HF 5681 .R25 I5253 (Most recent at Main Reference Desk)


    These sources comment on critical factors for analysis such as the structure in various industries, market drivers, consumer behavior, and what numerical and qualitative information are important in analyzing that industry.  They also give ratios for key industry competitors. 

    •  Encyclopedia of American Industries.  Vol. 1 Manufacturing. Vol.2 Service & Non-manufacturing. Online access via this link. (Current hard copy ed. at the Jerome Library Research & Information desk) Detailed information on industries, organized by SIC code.  
    •  Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries. Online access via this link. (Current hard copy ed. at the Jerome Library Research & Information desk)
    •  Encyclopedia of Global Industries.  Online access via this link. (Current hard copy ed. at the Jerome Library Research & Information desk)
    •   Standard and Poor's Industry Surveys: HC 106.6 .S74 (Most recent at Main Reference Desk)
    • Hoover's Handbook of Industry Profiles.   Located in Reference shelves at ref HD2328 .H65.
    • Hoover's Handbooks.  4 volumes. REF HG 4057.A288   Company profiles include history, personnel, key competitors, and 10 year financial tables

    Hoover's Handbook of American Business

    Hoover's Handbook of World Business

    Hoover's Handbook of Emerging Companies

    Hoover's Handbook of Private Companies 


      • Business Statistics of the United States: Most recent edition and older editions at gdoc C59.11/3:  2006 edition available via this link.
      • Industry Research Using the Economic Census:HC101 .B594 (Main Reference)