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Disney: Vertical File

Disney is one of the most well-known names in the world of popular culture. The productions and products range from The Golden Girls TV series to Fantasia to Disneyland to Mickey Mouse watches.

Basics of Using the BPCL

The BPCL is an archive/repository, so our policies for use of our materials are a little different than you may be used to.  Take a look at the Basics of Using the BPCL to get an idea of how to use our collection.

Vertical File Materials

Vertical file materials in this part of the collection containing a variety of materials on Disney include magazine and newspaper articles and pamphlets. Contents are accessed under the heading "Disney" are as follows:

This file contains pamphlets about the Walt Disney Archives and the Walt Disney Studio Movie Club and a few newspaper and magazine articles concerning the Walt Disney Company and its activities such as new movies and retail stores. Within the file there is an article discussing a disturbance in Disneyland in 1970 by "Yippies" or members of the Youth International Party. For more information about this event see Disneyland: Inside Story


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