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Company Information: Marketing Reports

Start here for numerous resources covering companies and tips for finding company information.

Passport GMID


Market analysis for companies in Passport GMID includes links to global and country reports and key competitors, providing context for company reports.  For prominent companies with international operations (e.g. Microsoft, Yum Brands, and L'Oreal), this database is quite complete, detailed, and up to date.

Simple Search:

  • Click on Search tab at top of screen.  Choose text search.  Enter company name.
  • If several results appear, use links on the side of the screen to limit to reports.  Categories of information in reports include competitive position relative to key rivals, brand and product strengths, analysis of current and future operating and market strategies and more.

Structured Search:

  • Click on the Companies tab.  Type in a company name.  Check off your choices for industry, country, or region, and so on, clicking Next after each choice.
  • Click the Run Search button when all search parameters have been marked.
  • Often, a U.S. company statistic will be embedded in a report about its industry rather than being featured in a separate company report.  For example, Verizon's net income is given within a report on Cellular Communication Services in the USA.  For this kind of company information, a text search will work when a search via the Companies tab won't retrieve anything.


  Searching for the name of a diversified company in a database covering product and lifestyle reports produces a list of reports where that company is named -- often as a key player in a particular market segment. An example is Kellogg, which sells not just boxed cold cereal but a wide variety of other breakfast and snack options as well.

This company is listed in reports including Breakfast Foods, Cereal and Snack Bars, Meal Replacement Food and Drink and a great many others. Statistics, consumer trends and attitudes, and competitive strengths are typically incldued in such reports. Both the U.S. and  European markets for a great many products and consumer lifestyles are covered.

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