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BA 3900: Business in the Global Arena: Company Information: More Library Funded Sites

The guide serves as a class web page for BA 3900 as well as a research guide for international business research.

Company Information

Information for large, prosperous companies abounds. Check the Company LibGuide for strategies to find articles, reports, and more. 

    Passport Global Market Information Database : If looking for an entrepreneurial company or innovative product, try searching instead for the product class e.g. e-cigarettes or vype. Scroll down to see reports covering more than 1 country. Explain how the innovative product or company is like the rest of the product class or differs from it. This source contains country data, market size data, and lifestyle indicators.

  Lexis-Nexis Academic :  Start here for companies that are owned by a larger entity (e.g. Olive Garden) or for companies that  are privately owned. Contains full text of  newspaper, magazine, and journal articles, as well as company financial information and information on companies from a variety of standard directories and a wealth of court cases and other legal information. 

Newspaper Source  covers 392 regional U.S. newspapers. Sometimes small or private companies or other entities are featured in home town papers. Example: Articles about the Cleveland Clinic can be found in the Akron Beacon Journal.

  Market Share Reporter, now available in digital format, is a grab bag of whatever has been published recently about market share for products.  Check various years for company or product market share information.