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BA 2030: Business Communication: Finding Company Reports and News

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Recommended Research Databases


Most databases that provide company snapshots (contact information, list of products & services, market share, competitors and so on) also have links to current news about your company. Examples are Lexis Nexis Academic.


   Business Source Complete : Contains citations to articles in business magazines and academic journals. Many of the articles are available full text.

 o  Select company entity (name) or ticker symbol from the pull-down menus to search for articles on a particular company.


o  In the blue bar at the top of the screen, select Company Profiles from the More tab menu to access Company Profiles for the World's 5,000 largest companies.

Click on the pdf icon on the summary page to obtain the entire report. It will look like this screen shot, showing a table of contents. 

  Passport Global Market Information Database (GMID)  Contains country data, market size data, and lifestyle indicators. Great place to find local firms in a foreign country that will be strong competitors of an international company entering that market.

Often the easiest route to finding information about company operations globally or in a specific country including local competitors in the overseas location is to use the simple search option (upper right side of landing page).

 instead of the lengthy structured search. Example: Enter Apple and phone. Scroll down to select a product report or Category Briefing from the list.   

  Lexis-Nexis Academic : Contains full text newspaper, magazine, and journal articles, along with company financial information and information on companies from a variety of standard directories as well as a wealth of court cases and other legal information. Combine terms with connectors (AND, OR, NOT) to fine tune a search strategy.

Streamlined interface leaves much to your imagination. Here are some common kinds of searches:

   SBR Net    Check here for Market research and industry news covering all aspects of the sports business industry.Click here to see search options on the landing page. Check out specifics via links to different media audiences for an amateur or professional sport. View audience demographics (age and sex) for specific media such as mobile devices (high school or college football and basketball).  Audience information by media outlet for professional sports includes baseball, martial arts, NASCAR, tennis, and more.

More business databases can be accessed by going to a list of library databases and selecting the category "Business."     

  Click here to see all categories of Library Research Databases