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Find Music in the Online Catalog: Scores with Distinctive Titles

Guide to finding scores and recordings in BGSU's online catalog

Searching for Scores with a Distinctive Title

Sample search:  Don Giovanni, by Wolfgang A. Mozart

Option 1:  TITLE search

  • From the BGSU Libraries Catalog, click on Title.
  • Type don giovanni (no capitalization is necessary). Click on Submit or press the enter key.
  • Click on the Limit/Sort Search button.
  • In the Material Type menu and choose Music Score.
  • Click on the Submit button and to retrieve a list scores of Don Giovanni.

Option 2: WORD Search

  • Go to the BGSU Libraries Catalog.
  • In the first box on the screen, choose Author from the drop-down menu and type mozart; in the next box, choose title from the drop-down menu and type don giovanni (no capitalization is necessary)
  • From the Material Type list, choose Music Score.
  • Click the Submit button


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